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On Hearing And Hearing AIDS For Children

Hangzhou AcoSound Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 09, 2018

Do you feel more and more difficult to listen to others? How often do you have to repeat it? Do you feel that communication skills are greatly reduced when there is noise in your environment? Is the volume of television getting louder? Or does the child at home often tell him to be unresponsive and unfocused? The above situation is likely to be caused by hearing problems, and must go to the otolaryngology department of the major hospital for hearing examination.

Hearing impairment is generally divided into three types: conduction type, feeling type and mixed type. The so-called conduction type refers to the inability of the sound to pass through the outer ear and the middle ear to the inner ear. It is the disease of the middle ear and outer ear that can cause hearing impairment, such as otitis media, ear disease, otosclerosis, etc. As for the phonotype, the transmission path of the outer ear and the middle ear is normal, but the hair cells in the inner ear are diseased so that they cannot receive and interpret the sound.

There are many reasons for the hearing impairment, such as congenital hearing impairment, senile hearing impairment, sudden deafness, and meanil syndrome. The mixed type is a condition in which conduction (external, middle ear) and reception (inner ear) are not good. Clinically to respectively the three kinds of deaf type is very easy, as long as the patient received otoscopy and simple pure tone hearing test, can know to the type, severity and possible reasons.

How can hearing impairment be treated? General conductive hearing impairment can be treated with drugs, surgery or implanted bone conduction hearing AIDS. But people with acoustic deafness are not so lucky, and most of them are not treated with drugs or surgery, except for a few diseases. They use hearing AIDS or artificial electronic ears to help communicate. In clinical practice, over 90% of hearing impaired patients belong to the phonotype, so hearing AIDS play an important role in the rehabilitation of hearing-impaired people.

The selection of hearing AIDS is a major, which is done by the otolaryngologist and the professional audiologist or the matching division. The purchase of hearing AIDS is different from the purchase of general electric appliances. It has to consider the different factors of hearing loss, daily hearing needs and so on. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional and enthusiastic service provider. Of course, this major is absolutely impossible to write down here. Here are some common questions for hearing aid wearers:

One, appropriate expectation: hearing aid, as the name implies, is to help communicate. It's impossible to get 100 percent of your hearing back.

Don't give up too soon: any new machine will have to take time to adapt to new messages. Don't give up when you're just starting out with some noise or confusion.

3. In principle, we should try our best to wear both ears: in the scope of economic license, double ears wear well, and there are a few exceptions.

Finally, we should emphasize the choice of professional, enthusiastic physicians and manufacturers. Because hearing aid is not a good match, there are a lot of follow-up repairs or adjustments to keep it at its best.

To sum up, with hearing impairment don't panic, first through professional diagnosis of otolaryngology doctor determine the cause, there is always some ways to help communication, and thus reduce the inconvenience of everyday life, enhance the quality of life.

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