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Did You Do The Morning Check For Children Hearing AIDS?

Hangzhou AcoSound Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 09, 2018

The term "morning check" refers to the condition of hearing AIDS and hearing AIDS after getting up in the morning. The contents of the inspection mainly include the following four aspects:

1. Does the battery voltage meet the required requirements?

Only the battery voltage in the rated condition, hearing aid can play the best role. At present, most of the hearing AIDS sold in the domestic market require a power supply voltage of 1.4 volts. If it is lower than this, the quality of the sound produced will be poor. Now hearing aid is widely used zinc - empty battery, battery chemical reactions catalyzed oxygen from the air, so if improper safekeeping or use time is too long, easy to cause the voltage drop below rated voltage, impact performance of hearing AIDS. The general way to check the battery voltage is to remove the battery from the hearing aid and use the hearing aid battery tester. If not on the battery performance test tools, but can be by loud whistlers whether listen to hearing AIDS, and indirectly determine whether there is a battery, but this method is not accurate enough, because when hearing AIDS output is larger, sometimes even though whistlers still exist, but have already can't guarantee the normal work of the hearing aid battery voltage, like when the radio battery voltage is insufficient, while turn on the radio switch, still can hear some noise, but has not received radio signal. If there is no guarantee of effective monitoring of the performance of the hearing aid battery, it can be used to guarantee the hearing effect by periodically changing the battery. General zinc - empty battery effective work time is 7 to 8 days, so every week, whether hearing AIDS are screaming, all change new battery on time, basically can ensure the normal play of the performance of hearing AIDS.

2. Is the hearing aid sound normal?

Sometimes, although the battery voltage is normal, the amplification and output of hearing AIDS can also change due to the influence of the working state of the hearing aid itself and the opening of the ear cavity. For example, in winter in the north, there is a large difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor temperature. In the ear hook and ear mold catheter, water droplets are very easy to appear in hearing AIDS. In addition, there are more cerumen in children's external auditory canal. It is easy to obstruct the acoustic hole of the ear cavity and affect the transmission of sound. Special attention should be paid to it. Therefore, every morning, the parents or teachers should listen to the hearing aid and listen to the hearing aid. If there is an abnormality, it needs to find the cause and deal with it.

3. Are there feedback whistles?

After wearing the hearing aid, the main reason for the feedback whistle is that the ear mode is not in place, and there is no adequate match between the ear mould and the corresponding part of the auricle. Appear the noise of the second reason is that as the growth of the age, auricle, molds are relatively small, is not consistent between, seal degree is reduced, the solution is to replace the new molds. The third cause of hearing the noise is the ear hearing AIDS with ear hook hook or ear die crack, it is possible that the plastic molds and ear hook cohesion is not good, sound leaks occur in the process of conduction need to replace ear hook or hose. There is also the case that the wall of the ear mold tube is too thin, when the output of the hearing aid is too large, the resonant sound is generated and the thick wall hose can be replaced. The noise of hearing AIDS not only affects the wearer's own hearing of the voice, but also affects the hearing of other children and needs to be dealt with in a timely manner.

4. Is there any change in the sensitivity of children to sound listening?

There are many reasons, such as cold, fever, upper respiratory tract infection and so on, can lead to the occurrence of a child's sexual hearing loss, if not timely detection, can affect the study effect throughout the day.

So every morning, wear a hearing aid to check after the child to sound to listen to, such as listen to the voice of the toy, previously learned words, etc., and the day before the hearing level comparison, knowing the state of his hearing compensation. The easiest way to let him listen to and repeat m, a, I, u, s, sh six letters pronunciation, such as accurate repeat, then hearing aid hearing compensation effect basic satisfaction, if there are any abnormal, to find the reason, when it is necessary to jointly with the hearing aid fitting personnel to solve.

There are some children's hearing there will be a transient phenomenon of improvement will feel excessive hearing compensation at this moment, if not timely adjust to hearing AIDS, children may refuse to wear, such as forced to use, can lead to hearing damage. Because influenced by age, especially in the early wear hearing AIDS to damage children's understanding of the voice is not deep, is not sensitive to the above abnormal changes the status of the hearing AIDS or cannot, if you don't do morning check, can't find problems and timely correct, the effect of hearing aid is not normal play, not only waste the precious time, sometimes also can cause more severe hearing loss.

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