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Lyric Hearing Aid for Severe Hearing Loss

Lyric Hearing Aid for Severe Hearing Loss

lyric hearing aid for severe hearing loss

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lyric hearing aid for severe hearing loss

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Peak OSPL90 (dB SPL):103.9  (±4dB)
HFA OSPL90 (dB SPL):98.4 (±4dB)
Fitting range
EQ input noise18.5dB
HFA Full on Gain (dB):34.7(±5dB)
Peak Gain (dB):48.5(±5dB)
Baterry Current (Am):1.2±0.2

Total Harmonic Distortion:

500HZ ≤ 1.2%
800HZ ≤ 1.0%
1600HZ ≤ 1.0%

1. Second generation I-COOL intelligent multi-core digital signal processor

2. ERAC context analysis based WDRC technology

3. 4 independent compression-amplification channels

4. 8 fine processing bands

5. AFC adaptive feedback cancellation technology.

6. Fixed direction speech enhancement Technology.

7. Full series open ear technology. 

8. 4 environment listening programs

9. 4 channels MPO management

10. Low battery warning tone

11. Adjustable warning tone

12. Adjustable Power on delay

13. Microphone& Telecoil overlay processing technology

14. Internal audiometer system

15.Automatic telephone function.

16.Trimmer available.

17. Program switch button.

18. The color of shell:Grey/Beige



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