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AcoSound Location: Zhejiang Overseas High-level Talent Innovation Park AcoSound's Brand: Stand for Innovative and New High-Tech in Hearing Aids Industry In 2011, Hangzhou AcoSound Technology Co.,Ltd was founded with an injection of 30 million Yuan by the experts group of ACOSOUND TECHNOLOGY and Biomedical Engineering PH.D Peng Li with his leaded professional R&D group from Zhejiang University, to be as a production base, research center and sales center of AcoSound hearing aids in China. Hangzhou AcoSound Technology had turned into the unique professional Digital Hearing Aid & Tinnitus Masker manufacturer with independent intellecture property right, devoting to R&D, production, marketing and hearing center chain etc. AcoSound hearing aids have a wide range of models covering RIC, BTE, ITC, ITE, CIC, IIC, IF, etc. including 2, 4,6,8,12, 16 channels, programmable and non-programmable and Self-Programmable. In terms of invisible digital hearing aids (IIC) and self-programmable, AcoSound own unique technology and will be spread the innovative items in the industry.    
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